Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's blooming today...last day of May

053111 ~

Last day of May....
Front row: H. Hermitage and H. Prelude
Middle: H. Emerald, H. Limona, H. Dancing Queen and H. Faro
Back row: H. Red Lion, H. Bogota, H. Rilona and H. Liberty

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hippeastrum Dancing Queen

052711 ~

This was one of our surprises!  I bought a Hippeastrum Nymph and received a Hippeastrum Dancing Queen.....alot of mix-ups seem to happen when you buy bulbs...its not an uncommon thing.

Here is the bloom starting....back when we thought this Dancing Queen was a Nymph :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hippeastrum - A bit of a mix :)

060311 ~

I really enjoy seeing these blooms grouped together....they each have their own individual flare!

Back row: H.Emerald, H. Clown, H. Rilona and H. Athene
Front row: H. Faro, H. Athene, H. Hermitage and H. Red Lion

053111 ~

At first glance these two Hippies may look alike.  Liberty is a deeper shade of red than Red Lion.

The 1st picture shows:
H. Liberty (left) and H. Red Lion (right)

This 2nd picture shows
H. Red Lion (left) and H. Liberty (right)

Cybisters H. Emerald and H. Bogota pair up gr8 together!!

Back row- H. Red Lion, H. Bogota, H. Rilona and H. Liberty
Middle- H. Emerald, H. Limona, H. Dancing Queen and H. Faro
Front- H. Hermitage and H. Prelude

052711 ~

Several really beautiful blooms today....still waiting on H.Bogota, H. Rilona and H. Orange Sovereign :)

This was taken early this morning while the sun was just coming out....

(Double-click for a better view)

In the back:  H. Limona, H. Red Lion and H. Faro
Middle row: H.Emerald and H. Dancing Queen
Front: H. Blossom Peacock

This evening when the sun wasn't shining as bright...

Back row: H. Red Lion, H. Faro, H. Limona, H. Liberty, H. Dancing Queen and H. Charisma
Front row: H. Blossom Peacock and 2 H. Emeralds

H. Blossom Peacock and H. Emerald in front and you can see H. Faro in the back :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hippeastrum Bogota - cybister

060211 ~

053111 ~

This beautiful maroon cybister opened up for us today!

052811 ~

052611 ~

This is one nice tall colorful stalk on this cybister! 

Hippeastrum Athene

060311 ~

A little lopsided....but pretty....

Solid white H. Athene...next to the one with a bit of pink streaks.

060211 ~

Beautiful white flower...this one has a few thin pink streaks.

052611 ~
H. Athene..won't be too long now before we see her bloom!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hippeastrum Emerald

060311 ~

I just cannot get enough of H. Emerald....a fabulous bloom!

053111 ~

I really love this little Hippie!!  H. Emerald is a miniature cybister.....she so reminds me of a little dancing fairy or elf :)

052811 ~

052711 ~

Wow....I so love this little miniature cybister!!   The blooms are gorgeous and with so much color...my little camera just doesn't do it justice!

052611 ~

Looks like a few of these are going to bloom....maybe this afternoon?

052511 ~
This miniature is starting to show some of her maroon on her blossom....hoping tomorrow is the day we will see her!!