Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hippeastrum Clown

060211 ~

052011 ~
This Clown is showing 6 amazing blooms at once...there is a small bloom about to open as well. 

 Small bloom in center


051911 ~

A smaller H.Clown bulb decided to bloom for us today :)

New Pictures taken today  ~ 043011

Below ~ 042811

I am super excited about seeing Clown emerge in the next day our two....the bloom on this one has been slowing making its way out over the last few days.......

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  1. Lovely photos, Sandra!

    You don't seem to have been around BeyondSpace or Folia in some time.

    How can you be sure this bulb is 'Clown'? On Folia there are a couple of photos of one called 'Clown' but it looks nothing like yours! Here's a link to the page:

    It's on the thread that you started!

    Happy gardening,

    Amarylis (on Folia)