Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hippeastrum Hermitage

060311 ~

I like this Hippie more and more each day!   Lovely orange colors!

060211 ~

053111 ~


  1. Hi Sandra Hi Joe,
    Just love your site!
    You have put some time and effort into it,but I must say Hippies are worth it! yeh!
    I have only had up till this year one lone hippie, Blenheim Pink.It flowered beautifully this spring and I felt terrible guilt because of the poor treatment that it has had. So I split the bulbs up and repotted them all and are paying some love and attention to them.
    I have bought 8 more colours, 2 of which are now showing big fat flower spikes!
    I love your hermitage hippie but i must say that i feel it is not hermitage but Charmeur.
    However I am not here to tell you what your hippies are!
    Thanks for putting all this on the net and will vist your site often.
    Cheers Grant Secker New Zealand.

  2. Thank you very much...I am glad yours are coming along! I am by far no expert in Hippeastrums and found that several i bought under one name and ended up being another...I am enjoying them. I am glad you like the site.
    Sandra :)