Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unidentified Hippeastrum ~ Any help appreciated!!


Double-click to enlarge the picture.....Hope to find out what she is called...

I am still looking for a correct ID ...

Flower scape is 11 inches
Petal is 5 inches
Bulb size 21 cm

Here is a view the inside:


Here is a better picture today... I love this one...if you look closely you can see the sparklies!

050511 ~

I purchased several untagged Hippeastrums and one did bloom for me today!!   I would appreciate any help identifying it!   Click to enlarge the photo !

Sandra :)

Hippeastrum Aphrodite

050511 ~

Here is one of our H. Aphrodite bulbs that we repotted today.  I think it will be next year before we see and can take some good pictures of our Aphrodite looking forward to it!  She is one beautiful flower.   This one particular bulb is 23 cm and she has 4 leaves growing that will take in sunlight and get her prepared from her next bloom next spring!!