Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hippeastrum Johnsonii


These are the roots on two Johnsonii that we just sent out recently.  One measures 22 cm and the other 23 cm.


The H. Johnsonii.....aka/St. Joseph's Lily or Hardy Amaryllis...... blooms during the is thought to be one of the first hybrids from H.Reginae x H. Vittatum.  Arthur Johnson produced this hybrid between 1799 and 1810 in England.  The Johnsonii is the hardiest of all the other hybrids (from 0 to 10 degrees F).  It has been an outdoor plant for me the past 11 years in zone 8a.  It is suppose to be hardy in zones 7-12.  It can be planted in sunny or partially shaded areas and is deer tolerant.  In cooler zones, people will plant the Hippeastrums in pots.  

The Johnsonii can be fertilized by its own pollen.  After the blossoms die a seed pod will form.  If you wait until the seed pod starts turning yellowish brown you can collect the seeds and dry them out.  The seeds can be stored up to a year, but the longer you store them the less viable they become. 


My original Hippy.....Hippeastrum Johnsonii....A gorgeous red bell shaped flower with white center stripes and a green large Johnsonii bulb can have up to 4 flower stalks that are 1-2 feet tall and you will get about 4-6 flowers on each stalk......I am going to attempt collecting and germinating the seeds this year for the 1st time....wish me lots of luck!

This 2nd picture was taken last April....


  1. Hi Sandra, This is the first time I've seen photos of this plant! It's lovely! I seem to remember you commented on this bulb on BeyondSpace once.

    How long have you been collecting Hippeastrums? I see you have a great number of them!

    I've posted a lot of photos of my Amaryllis on Folia as well as on BeyondSpace.

    Happy gardening,

    Serendipity (Amarylis)

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