Vegetable Garden

060311 ~

Here is a picture of most of the garden....

We didn't do alot of jalapenos this year...but will enjoy the ones we do have ! Here u can see some baby jalapenos starting to grow!

I was actually beginning to worry that the peas were not going to make's slow growing for them...but finally seeing some progress....this is my absolute favorite part of the garden....we usually freeze some peas every year...but always run out before the next garden!!

Looks like something likes the taste of green bean can see a few beans hanging around....they will be fat enough to eat soon!

060211 ~

We are about to have more tomatoes than we can eat!!   I am very far as i know...we have Romas, Cherry and some type of large tomato.....

This is what was ready for us's about what we have been beans and tomatoes coming soon!!   Joe fixed up some Zucchini and Squash steamed today...oh my was delicious!

052911 ~

For the most is off to a gr8 start....
The purple hull peas are having a slow time starting...i hope they make it....

Peppers (this could be any pepper..not sure what Joe planted this year..usually we have bell and jalapenos ....not sure what we have this year.

Okra...gr8 for frying, stews, soups and stir-frys..

Seeing signs of green beans making!!!   These never last too long.....we don't usually freeze many...they get eaten too quickly :)

Squash blooms are still abundant!

Pretty soon we will have more tomatoes than we can eat!!   We planted several different kinds of tomato plants.....they are all mixed in together :)  


052611 ~
Early this can see the Cannas in the back starting to bloom.....the sunshine on the left side makes it hard to see the little sunflowers, but u can see the ones in the middle if you enlarge the photo....just double-click!

052011 ~
Things are slowly coming along...

 Pea Blooms

Squash is getting ready daily

 Tomato tomatoes yet

051311 ~

Squash is ready!!  This is our 3rd day to have squash ready...soon we will be freezing some :)

Joe has an awesome garden every year!   We just finished off the last of the purple hull peas from our freezer that he grew last year and I am super excited about new peas!    His squash plants have really taken off!

Here are some pictures....

Double click on the pictures to get an awesome view!