Our dogs

Jonah and Micah....
3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Lab

I have a better copy of this picture somewhere...i need to find it...this one has kinda gotten messed up...

Micah is on top and Jonah is asleep.
They are about 6 weeks here. 

It was really hard to get a picture of Jonah and still is....he moves around alot..especially when you are trying to take his picture.....
Jonah age 1

Micah age 1
Inkie and Cocoa....
They are 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Austrailian Shepard

Inkie about 6 weeks

Cocoa about 6 weeks

These pictures here are not long after we got them.

Riddick.....my daughters little Chihuahua...thinks he is the biggest dog in the house!  He was about a year old when we got him.

Jonah and Micah got along gr8 with the pups right from the beginning...

From fall of 2009

Cocoa and Micah



These are from April of 2011





These two are the very best of friends....they are always playing...its gr8 to watch!