Plants, Trees and other Flowers

060311 ~

Today we have some new sunflowers coming out....Zinnias are getting tall!

060211 ~

Here are a few little blooms from around our garden!







052911 ~

Some Cannas and Zinnias that are around the garden.......


052011 ~
It is that time of year that things are starting to bloom.  The apples are about the size of golf balls right now.  Sunflowers are starting to blossom and some of the Cannas are now coming out.
Double-click on picture to get a larger view.

The apple tree closest to the house

 Apple tree on the far back side of the yard

Our first Sunflower of the year...has a little bite on the leaf :)

Several are blooming all over

These Sunflowers are over 6 ft. tall

There are 3 different size Sunflowers plants

Cannas are waking up and coming is 'Florence Vaughn'